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Escaped killer returned to prison

A convicted killer who escaped from the Daggett County Jail is back in the Utah State Prison.

The Utah Department of Corrections said Danny Martin Gallegos, 49, was released from University Hospital on Monday and returned to prison. He is being treated for a gunshot wound he suffered when he was taken into custody.

"He's in the infirmary now," corrections spokesman Jack Ford said today.

Gallegos and Juan Diaz-Arevalo, 27, escaped from the Daggett County Jail on Sept. 23 by slipping out an unlocked door and over a razor-wire fence. Police said they hid out in the wilderness along the Utah-Wyoming border for nearly a week, before confronting a 79-year-old man, tying him up and stealing his SUV.

Bill Johnson, a retired Salt Lake City police officer, managed to free himself and get help. A police chase with the wanted fugitives ended in Rock Springs, Wyo. Police said Gallegos jumped out of the car with a rifle in his hands. He was shot in the back as he turned toward an officer, gun in hand. Diaz-Arevalo was pursued on foot and tackled.

Gallegos originally was doing time for the murder of Tammy Snydergaard, 18, who was shot and killed while watching a movie at a friend's apartment. Diaz-Arevalo was convicted of killing his girlfriend, 22-year-old Lindsey Fawson, as she sat in her car.

The Daggett County Attorney has filed second-degree felony escape charges against the men, but no court date has been set. A federal grand jury also has indicted the men on charges of carjacking, possession of a stolen firearm and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

The escape led the Utah Department of Corrections to pull all of its inmates from the Daggett County Jail pending a review of security lapses. Corrections officials said there is a possibility state inmates may return to the rural jail, if the county can make sufficient changes to ensure security.

Those changes are still being made, Ford said today.