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Composer shares Halloween fun on his Web site

M. Ryan Taylor of American Fork works on music for his Halloween Web site.
M. Ryan Taylor of American Fork works on music for his Halloween Web site.
Stuart Johnson, Deseret Morning News

AMERICAN FORK — Halloween is fun, rather than a scary time, for composer M. Ryan Taylor's family.

As a child, Halloween was a bonding time, so it's natural for him to view the holiday as family-friendly.

"It was really not that scary," Taylor said. "We still do it with the extended family. We get the family together to see the costumes of the nieces and nephews and play a few games."

He's sharing those fun family times in his new Web site:

The site is based on his new album — of the same name — of Halloween songs that he created for families and classrooms.

While the site offers an opportunity for him to promote his music, it also contains resources for fun family activities, including his collection of Halloween recipes, crafts and games. He plans on adding to the Web site before Halloween arrives.

His Halloween album includes 13 tunes, some of them traditional and some of his own composition.

Among the traditional melodies are "Skin and Bones," McTavish Is Dead," "The Ghost of John" and "Queen Nefertiti," a dirge about a mummy.

"Kids really like that," he said.

The original songs include "Welcome, Said the Spider," "Old Witch, Old Witch" and a few quodlibets or rounds, including "Unlikely Company," "The Ghost Ship" and "We're Back."

While Taylor has written many operas, including "Abinidi," which was performed at Brigham Young University last year, much of his work is for families and classrooms.