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Make teachers accountable

During a spring-break airplane flight last year, our family sat next to Patricia Henderson, a superb middle school music educator who has since moved back home to be close to her family. I asked her why many music educators seemed to enjoy their vocations so well. Her response was surprising and profound. "Accountability," she said. "No one can fake a music concert. Many teachers do not have that type of accountability and, as a result, do not experience the joys of success."

The public education system and teachers unions try to shield teachers from direct accountability to parents. As a result, the teaching profession has becoming subprofessional and meaningless drudgery for many teachers. Providing parents with vouchers, as Referendum 1 will do, makes teachers more immediately responsible to parents and will result in more accountability as parents will want more information on what is really happening inside the classroom before they decide where to send their children.

Vote for accountability, vote for Referendum 1.

Steve McDaniel