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Voucher fight getting ugly

For a while I was hearing radio spots from the pro-voucher movement that tried to demonize the anti-voucher crowd by linking them with a laundry list of out-of-state left-wing special interests. No attempt was made to tell me why they think vouchers are a good idea.

Then I see in the paper a full-page letter from the anti-voucher side that does nothing but disparage the pro-voucher people. They try to link them with out-of-state right-wing special interests and quote one-sided opinion columns as if they were factual news stories. Nowhere does the letter address why they think vouchers are a bad idea.

I'd like the public to be able to make an intelligent, informed decision on the school voucher issue next month. But by devoting so much money and energy to ugly attacks on their opponents instead of honest education for the public, both sides are showing that at least some in their camps are more interested in winning at any cost than in supporting principles of good government and integrity

Dave Argyle