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Cookie trouble a rumor

Oh, how the cookie crumbles.

Rumors abounded this week that the group responsible for the pro-voucher commercial that features stacks of Oreo cookies was in hot water with Kraft Foods for using the sweet treat in its TV advertisement.

Turns out the rumor is unfounded.

Parents for Choice in Education, which did the ad, said it has not had any correspondence with the food company. And Kraft told the Deseret Morning News on Wednesday that it had no problem with the group using the cookies.

According to a statement from Renee Zahery, Kraft's senior director of corporate affairs, "This local commercial uses sandwich cookies to demonstrate a point. While we carefully protect our valuable brand trademarks, we believe the way the sandwich cookies are being used, in this political statement, does not infringe our rights. To the best of my knowledge, there have been no requests made by Kraft Foods regarding this commercial."