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Disadvantaged kids in Provo district

Disadvantaged students in Provo elementary schools, based on the number of students who receive free and reduced-price lunch during the 2006-07 school year. Schools in bold type are the ones that may see the number of disadvantaged students changed with new boundary proposals in southwest Provo.

Amelia Earhart: 38.6 percent

Canyon Crest: 18.4 percent

Edgemont: 32.3 percent

Farrer: 80.2 percent

Franklin: 71.7 percent

Grandview: 47.5 percent*

Provost: 62.4 percent

Rock Canyon: 29.2 percent

Spring Creek: 73.3 percent

Sunset View: 56.3 percent

Timpanogos: 75.6 percent

Wasatch: 24.6 percent

Westridge: 30.7 percent

*School scheduled to close in the spring as a new school in the Lakeview neighborhood will open.