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Hints from Heloise: Human years vs. dog years

Jessica Mary, Johanna Morrison's very pampered guinea pig.
Jessica Mary, Johanna Morrison's very pampered guinea pig.
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Dear Readers: Do you ever wonder what age Fido or Lobo is in "human" years? Actually, a year-old dog is approximately 12 in human years — that might explain some of those preteen antics!

Here's a list according to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to help you figure the age of your canine pet in human years:

Dog age . . .Human years

1 year . . .12 years

2 years . . .24 years

3 years . . .28 years

5 years . . .36 years

7 years . . .44 years

9 years . . .52 years

11 years . . .60 years

13 years . . .68 years

15 years . . .76 years

FYI: Smaller dogs age much slower after about age 5 than their medium to large counterparts, so they tend to have longer lives. In fact, some small breeds can live 20 years! So keep this in mind if your 13-year-old dog looks like he's thinking about Social Security! — Heloise

Dear Readers: Johanna Morrison of Youngstown, Ohio, sent a photo of Jessica Mary, her very pampered guinea pig (a k a fat rat), doing one of her favorite things — chewing! This 2-year-old guinea pig has her own bedroom and lots of toys, blankets and balls.

If you have a great or unusual pet photo you'd like to share, send it to: Heloise/Pet Photo, P.O. Box 795000, San Antonio, TX 78279-5000. — Heloise

Dear Heloise: When we got our cat several years ago, she was from a large litter and was the runt. On her first night with us, I took an old "bed buddy" (pellet-filled neck warmer) and heated it in the microwave, being careful not to make it too warm. I put it in her carrier, and she never cried once or since! After she grew up a little, I cleaned the bed buddy as well as I could and donated it to the Animal Protective League. — Ann Fitzgerald, Springfield, Ill.

Dear Heloise:With all the new once-a-month medicines my dogs take, I needed a way to ensure that they were given on time! It was February the 14th, and I was giving them their heart medicine when it hit me — Heart Day! I checked with my vet, and he said all of the medicines could be given the same day. Now I give everything on "Heart Day" each month (the 14th), and I no longer have to worry if they've had their medication. — Ann Hall, Pine Bluff, Ark.

Dear Heloise:I have kept a betta fish in a 1 1/2 gallon, octagonal aquarium for years. Recently, I added an African dwarf frog. They seem to get along well, and sometimes it seems like they are playing together. African dwarf frogs eat bloodworms, which can be purchased at most pet stores, and Mr. Betta likes the bloodworms, too! —Andria Goodman, Fort Morgan, Colo.

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