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Wolf sanctuary loses round in bid to expand

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) — A wolf sanctuary that wants to double its capacity suffered a setback when the Larimer County Planning Commission recommended against the expansion.

Wolves Offered Life and Friendship wanted to expand its capacity to 60 wolves and wolf-dog hybrids over the next six years and increase its size to 30 acres, from the current five.

The planning commission voted unanimously Wednesday to recommend that the county commissioners — who have the final say — reject the expansion.

Planning commission members said an expanded sanctuary would not be compatible with its neighborhood in the mountains west of Fort Collins. Chairman Jeff Boulter said the sanctuary serves a noble purpose but the impact on neighbors must be considered.

"It's not about the animals, it's about the situation that the people are in, the neighbors and the neighborhood," Boulter said.

The county commissioners had not scheduled a vote on the matter.