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District Teacher of the Year

Twenty-two school districts this year honored Teachers of the Year. Each moves on to compete for Utah Teacher of the Year honors; state finalists are listed in bold.

Alpine: Cathleen Larson, Lakeridge Junior High

Cache: Rocky Maughan, Canyon Elementary

Charter schools: Zulma Castaneda, Freedom Academy

Davis: Matthew Smith, Bountiful Junior High

Emery: Tanie Worthen, Castle Dale Elementary

Grand: Hal Adams, Grand County High

Granite: Karen Leigh, Carl Sandburg Elementary

Iron: Lyn Turek, East Elementary

Jordan: Jennifer Van Haaften, Butler Middle

Millard: Kae Starley, Fillmore Middle

Murray: Rachelle Peterson, Parkside Elementary

Nebo: Linda Walter, Payson High

North Sanpete: Jeffery Ericksen, North Sanpete High

Ogden: Colleen Nicholes, Ogden District music specialist

Salt Lake: Laura Wheeler, Highland Park Elementary

San Juan: Ida Tohonnie, Montezuma Creek Elementary

Tooele: Shannon Nix, Northlake Elementary

Uintah: Marilyn Betts, W. Russell Todd Elementary

Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind: Michelle Tanner

Wasatch: Susan Edwards, Wasatch High

Wayne: Michelle Morrell, Wayne Middle School

Weber: Candis Facer, Valley Elementary

Source: Utah State Office of Education