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Women's studies group at BYU to screen film

PROVO — The Women's Research Institute will show "For a Place Under the Heavens," a personal documentary by director Sabiha Sumar, on Thursday at noon in 1161 JFSB on the Brigham Young University campus.

The Women's Studies Film Series at BYU offers an opportunity for students to view films dealing with women and women's issues.

In the documentary, Sumar illustrates how women in Pakistan cope with increasing religiosity in civil and political life. She struggles as she sees a mother encouraging her son to be a martyr when he grows up and observes the increasing enrollment in religious schools. Challenging questions about the liberal and fundamental forces shaping the lives of Pakistan women are raised by Sumar as she uses interviews of women who have embraced fundamentalism alongside those of activist colleagues.

The film series takes place every other Thursday.

On alternate weeks, the Women's Studies Colloquium presents a scholarly forum for discussion, intellectual development and collaboration among students, faculty and others interested in participating in an interdisciplinary community of women's studies scholars. The forums offer students, especially those interested in wWomen's sStudies, to hear about current research on women presented by faculty from across campus. They are held every other Thursday at noon in room 4186 JFSB on the BYU campus.