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NBA briefs

MILLER AND ALBERT: Reggie Miller won't be chasing the NBA championship that eluded him during his 18-year career.

He decided against a comeback bid at 42 years old with the Boston Celtics. Instead, the former Indiana Pacers star might announce some of their games.

He is teaming exclusively with Hall-of-Famer Marv Albert this season to form one of Turner Network Television's top basketball announcing teams.

The Albert-Miller pairing makes sense because many of their signature moments the past two decades are connected.

"For so many years, he was the voice of my career and so many of my big games against the Knicks and the Bulls," Miller told The Associated Press. "To be working side-by-side with him — I'm very humbled and very honored because a lot of people don't get put in this position."

Their debut will be Oct. 30, when Portland visits San Antonio.

Miller joined TNT after retiring from the NBA two seasons ago. He split time between studio and color work before being moved strictly to game analysis this season. Miller and Albert have worked together just enough to get comfortable and build a rapport.

"He got it so quickly from a broadcasting point of view," Albert said. "He just had it. I always feel you have it or you don't."

HOWARD SUSPENDED: Mavericks forward Josh Howard was suspended Friday for the first two games of the regular season, punishment for a fight with Sacramento center Brad Miller earlier in the week.

Howard was ejected from an exhibition Tuesday against the Kings after delivering a forearm to the back of Miller's neck. He also pushed Miller, who had shoved Dallas guard Devin Harris to the ground.

NBA Executive Vice President Stu Jackson said Friday that Howard escalated the confrontation by running across the court toward Miller and engaging with other Kings' players.

The Mavericks open the season at Cleveland on Oct. 31.