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Presidential candidate Lojze Peterle celebrates his victory in the first round of Slovenia's elections in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on Sunday.
Presidential candidate Lojze Peterle celebrates his victory in the first round of Slovenia's elections in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on Sunday.
Denis Sarkic, Associated Press

Slovenia: Conservative leads

LJUBLJANA — A conservative former prime minister won the most votes in Slovenia's tight presidential elections Sunday, but fell far short of the majority needed to avoid a runoff.

Lojze Peterle, who campaigned as an independent but has the backing of Prime Minister Janez Jansa's center-right government, had about 28 percent of the vote with 95 percent of the ballots counted, according to the Electoral Commission. Fifty percent was needed to avoid a runoff.

Afghanistan: U.S., Taliban battle

KABUL — Suspected Taliban militants fought fierce battles with U.S. forces in eastern Afghanistan, killing 20 insurgents and one civilian, officials said Sunday.

The Defense Ministry said the joint Afghan-NATO operation was launched Saturday in the Korengal Valley in Kunar province with artillery fire and airstrikes.

The ministry said 20 "enemy" fighters were killed in the battles, while Kunar Gov. Didar Shalizai said one civilian died.

Dominican Republic: 3 guilty

SANTO DOMINGO — Three Dominican banking executives were convicted Sunday for their roles in a 2003 financial collapse that crippled the Caribbean country's economy.

The trial focused on the management and collapse of the country's largest bank, Banco Intercontinental, which prompted a costly government bailout and led to the failure of two other large banks as international lenders helped prop up the Dominican economy.

Lebanon: U.S. is warned

BEIRUT — Hezbollah's deputy leader warned the U.S. on Sunday against setting up a military base in Lebanon, saying the guerrilla group would consider such a move "a hostile act."

Sheik Naim Kassem's warning came days after a senior Pentagon official said the U.S. military would like to see a "strategic partnership" with Lebanon's army to strengthen the country's forces so that Hezbollah would have no excuse to bear arms.

Puerto Rico: Killings protested

SAN JUAN — Hundreds of protesters marched Sunday in solidarity with grieving pet owners whose dogs and cats were thrown to their deaths from a bridge earlier this month, at a demonstration outside Puerto Rico's capitol.

Demonstrators wore T-shirts emblazoned with images of their pets, carried banners and chanted "Say no to mistreatment!" as they filed past the domed government building to protest the killings of dozens of animals seized from housing projects in the town of Barceloneta.

South Africa: Arrests in slaying

JOHANNESBURG — Police said Sunday they have arrested five men in the killing of reggae star Lucky Dube, who was gunned down in an apparent carjacking attempt.

Police spokesman Eugene Opperman said the men were arrested Sunday morning and will appear in court on Tuesday. Police also seized two stolen handguns and a car allegedly used during the crime.

Switzerland: Nationalists win

GENEVA — A nationalist party rode an anti-immigrant wave Sunday to the best showing of any party in parliamentary elections since World War I, while the Greens made gains by appealing to environmental concerns, according to partial results and projections.

In one of the most bitter political campaigns in memory in this usually tolerant Alpine nation, the Swiss People's Party called for a law to throw out entire immigrant families if a child violates national laws.