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BB gun used to rob two men

OGDEN — Police have arrested two men who used a BB gun in a pair of robberies on the 1800 block of Washington Boulevard.

Police said the robberies happened around 12:30 a.m. Sunday. One man said he was approached by two men, who pointed a gun at him and stole his jacket. A short time later, a man on his bicycle was robbed.

"The two males started yelling at him to empty his pockets," Ogden Police Lt. Scott Sangberg said Monday. "(One suspect) placed a black colored handgun in (the victim's) throat, ordering him to empty his pockets."

Police said the man handed over about $10 in dimes, and the two men fled. Officers investigating the crimes tracked down the men at a motel near 2100 Washington Blvd. and took them into custody without any incident. The gun, police said, was a BB gun.

Fredrick Eugene Freeman, 25, and Larry Carter Campbell, 19, were booked into the Weber County Jail on investigation of aggravated robbery.