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Three robbers kidnap man from Mexican restaurant

The owners of a Mexican restaurant in Salt Lake City were robbed of their entire payroll, which they kept in cash, early Sunday.

Just after 7:30 a.m., the owners of Julia's Restaurant, 51 S. 1000 West, arrived at their business and were confronted by three men, said Salt Lake Police Lt. Dave Hoffman.

One of the men held a knife to the female owner's throat while the other two forced the male owner back into his car. As the two suspects drove off with the owner, the third man, who had been holding the woman, ran off, according to a Salt Lake City police report.

In a covered parking lot at 283 S. Foss (1545 West), the kidnappers demanded money. The owner gave them $2,000 out of his wallet, according to the police watch log. They then started searching his car and found a bag full of $10,000 cash in the glove box, the report stated.

The owners later told police they normally pay their employees in cash on Sunday.

The men then drove to 391 S. Orange (1900 West), where another man in a car was waiting for them.

After the alleged kidnappers got into the second vehicle, the restaurant owner started to run after them, realizing they still had his keys, Hoffman said. One of the men inside the car fired a shot at the victim and missed.

Investigators do not believe the robbery was a random incident.

Anyone with information can call police at 799-3000 or 799-INFO. Callers can remain anonymous.