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Teenage girl escapes abductor in Highland

HIGHLAND — A 14-year-old girl escaped a man who forced her into a vehicle as she walked to school Monday morning, police say.

The girl was walking to Mountain Ridge Junior High, 5525 W. 10400 North, about 7:30 a.m. when a man in a car pulled up alongside her and instructed her to get inside, Lone Peak Police Sgt. Dave Boerner said.

The girl, who remains unidentified to protect her privacy, continued walking.

The man then pulled the car in front of her and forced her inside at 5600 West and 10400 North, Boerner said.

The man drove west on 10400 North. He slowed for a stop sign at 6000 West, and the girl was able to exit the car and headed to school. She was not injured.

"She did everything right," Boerner said.

The girl told school administrators about the incident and they called police, Alpine School District spokeswoman Jerrilyn Mortensen said.

"We notified all the kids," Mortensen said. "We went on the (public address system) and talked the kids through it (with reminders such as) walk in groups. Don't talk to strangers. Take your normal routes home."

The school district notified all parents through an electronic phone messaging system.

"We contacted the (nearby elementary) schools and had them review safety measures with all kids without trying to cause fear," Mortensen said.

The vehicle is described as a small, two-door red car with black interior and small rear windows. The car has a broken arm rest on the passenger door, Boerner said.

The driver was described as a white male with short blond hair between the ages of 20-25. He wore jeans, a red sweatshirt and a red baseball cap.

Police would like to talk to witnesses. Anyone who may have seen anything related to the incident is asked to call the Lone Peak Police Department, (801) 756.8900.