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Vouchers lead to mandates?

If you believe in private schools from the perspective of a parent wanting more influence in your child's education, it is imperative that you steer clear of vouchers. It is very tempting to accept tax money to, hopefully, lessen the cost of sending your child to a private school.

The problem is, the "reason" for sending your child to that particular school will likely disappear soon after vouchers. As we all know, with government money come mandates. And if, for some unknown reason, legislators themselves don't soon begin pushing their requirements on the schools that accept voucher money, the ACLU and similar organizations will be clamoring to force their anti-Christian agendas onto private schools. Vouchers are a dream come true for these groups.

Some private schools are saying they will not accept voucher money. If your private school is encouraging you to vote for vouchers, it is obviously more concerned about making a profit than about the concept of "private education."

Jon Grove