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Utah County embezzler working overtime to pay debt

PROVO — A woman charged with embezzling thousands of dollars from a Spanish Fork Kmart for nearly 27 years is working overtime to pay back the debt.

In a review hearing Monday, Scott Williams, the attorney for Terri Jex, 49, told the judge she is working full time and getting five to 10 hours of overtime a week to pay back the more than $416,000 she embezzled from the store.

Jex pleaded guilty in June to 10 felonies, including forgery, communication fraud and identity fraud.

She was sentenced to 180 days in the Utah County jail, which she is serving on the ankle-monitoring GPS system so she can work to pay fines and restitution.

Officials noticed the deception in February and confronted Jex, who worked with sales accounts and money orders. Jex allegedly manipulated the orders and transaction records for decades, diverting money into her own account.

Judge Samuel McVey set another hearing in 90 days to check on her payments.

A civil lawsuit filed against Jex by Kmart is also still pending and has not been resolved, said Kmart spokeswoman Kim Freely.