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2 co-defendants plead to reduced charges in O.J. Simpson robbery case

LAS VEGAS — Two co-defendants pleaded guilty to reduced charges Tuesday in the O.J. Simpson armed robbery case, agreeing to testify against Simpson and three others in the alleged hotel room theft of sports collectibles from two memorabilia dealers.

"Guilty, sir," said Walter Alexander, who entered the plea to felony conspiracy to commit robbery. Charles Cashmore pleaded guilty to felony accessory to robbery during a separate arraignment minutes later.

Clark County District Attorney David Roger agreed to drop charges including kidnapping, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy against both men. Both men remained free pending sentencing.

Williams ordered Cashmore released from house arrest. Roger said Cashmore could get probation or up to one to five years in prison at sentencing, which will come after an April 15 status check.

The district attorney said he would seek a suspended sentence for Alexander, which could get him probation instead of one to six years in prison.

Simpson, 60, of Miami, and the other three co-defendants did not have to appear while Alexander and Cashmore entered their pleas.

Simpson lawyer Gabriel Grasso said there have been no discussions with Roger on any plea deal for Simpson.