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Abduction attempts prompt warnings

Sandy police are working with other agencies in the valley to determine if a string of recent abduction attempts are related.

On Oct. 18, two girls, ages 12 and 13, were walking along Newcastle Drive (9035 South) near 2400 East and noticed a turquoise-colored truck with three Hispanic males, possibly in their 30s, drive by several times, said Sandy police Sgt. Victor Quezada.

When the truck drove by them a third time, only one man was inside the car. The other two were on the sidewalk walking toward the girls, Quezada said. The girls crossed the street to the other sidewalk, but the men followed, he said.

"They ran as fast as they could to the girl's house," Quezada said.

Once inside, the girls watched through the blinds as the other two men got back into the truck, which drove away.

The incident is similar to one on Oct. 17 in which a man driving a dark-colored truck drove slowly past a 13-year-old girl near Eisenhower Junior High at 1900 W. Kirkham Way (4380 South). The man got out of the vehicle and grabbed the girl's arm. The juvenile was able to break free and run home.

The suspect in that incident was described as a Hispanic man in his mid- to late 20s, about 5-foot-9, thin, with wavy black hair, sideburns and a mustache.

A similar case was being investigated by the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office.

Highland police were investigating an incident Monday in which a 14-year-old girl was forced into a car but was able to escape. The suspect in that case, however, had short blonde hair.

All the cases have prompted police in both Salt Lake and Utah counties to remind juveniles and their parents about the importance of certain safety precautions for juveniles, such as walking in groups and letting an adult know where they're going to be if they're not walking directly home from school.