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Rude theatergoers obnoxious

We attended the Hale Centre Theatre production of "Once on This Island." The cast was talented with superb singing voices and dancing. The set and special effects were creative, and imaginative. The story was moving and redemptive.

While we were enjoying the show, some rude people behind us stridently laughed out loud at some private joke they had made. I'm sure the cast heard it; we certainly did. If this were their only rudeness, I would not be writing this. At intermission, those same two couples behind us began loudly critiquing the show. Their remarks were so bigoted I was shocked. Finally, they loudly decided they were leaving. I was relieved and thanked the "gods of the island."

I am sorry for those rude people. The final message of the play, which they missed, was "forgiveness." I hope the cast can forgive them.

Judy West

Salt Lake City