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KUED-TV launches V-Me, a Spanish-language network

KUED-TV on Tuesday launched the Spanish-language V-Me ("Watch me") television network — a joint partnership between KUED and the University of Utah.

V-me, which comes from the Spanish 'veme', meaning "see me," is available in Spanish to viewers on KUED digital Ch. 7.3 and on Comcast digital Ch. 108. It is the first national Spanish-language TV network to partner with American public television.

Like PBS, V-me will offer a mixture of programming, including documentaries, original productions and popular public television programs adapted for American Latinos.

Children's programming will feature Spanish-language preschool programs, educational resources for kids and parents, along with local activities. For adults, there will be shows on parenting, home and self-improvement, travel and Latin-focused food.

Daily programming will also feature news, sports and current events.

For more information, go to or visit