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Man skips gun hearing

Brenden Brown
Brenden Brown

A plea hearing for a man involved in the sale of a gun that was used in the Trolley Square shootings was postponed Tuesday after the man failed to show up.

U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball, noting how cooperative 20-year-old Brenden Taylor Brown had been with the court, decided not to issue an arrest warrant for Brown but rather continued the hearing until Thursday.

Brown, along with Mackenzie Hunter and Matthew Hautala, is charged in connection with the sale of a .38 Special handgun to 18-year-old Sulejman Talovic, who used the gun to kill five people and wound four others at the Trolley Square shopping center on Feb. 12.

Brown is expected to accept a plea deal with federal prosecutors. Hunter and Hautala both face trial on Nov. 5.

A fourth man, Westley Wayne Hill, is charged with selling Talovic a shotgun. Hill has filed a motion to have the charge dismissed, claiming federal gun laws are too vague. His case is pending trial on Nov. 26.