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Emery deputies arrest Mississippi escapee

A jail escapee from Mississippi led officers from the Emery County Sheriff's Office on a 100-mph chase before being arrested near a dirt road Sunday.

Sydney Robert Benner, 30, of Panama City, Fla., escaped from the Copiah County jail in Mississippi on Oct. 4. He then rode a train to Grand Junction, Colo., authorities believe.

There, he stole a Jeep Cherokee and credit cards, which he used to pay for gas, according to Emery County Sheriff Lamar E. Guymon.

Benner then drove 70 miles on I-70 and arrived at Ben's Cafe in Emery. He tried to use the card again but was unsuccessful, deputies said.

The station's owner, Randy Lake, a member of the local search and rescue team, alerted authorities to the attempted theft, and the race was on. Lake said he watched as Benner removed the Jeep's license plates and headed north.

Benner led deputies onto state Route 10 between Emery and Ferron in a chase that reached 100 mph. Benner then tried to lose the police by rushing through side streets in Ferron, Guymon said.

Soon, Benner re-entered state Route 10 and sped toward Rock Canyon for five miles. He then turned onto a dirt road, where he lost control of the stolen Jeep and crashed into a fence, Guymon said.

Benner was taken into custody and is being held in Emery County while police and prosecutors evaluate possible charges against him.

According to the Daily Leader newspaper in Mississippi, the escapee had been awaiting trial in relation to an alleged attempt to run down a state trooper there.

Florida court records also show that Benner faces robbery and grand theft charges in Bay County.

Authorities believe his Oct. 4 escape occurred when a guard left him unattended, according to the Daily Leader.