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Davis Demos hosting tax forum

FARMINGTON — Davis County Democrats invite the public to attend a tax-issues forum tonight at the Davis County Memorial Courthouse.

The meeting will feature speakers with varying political views who will share concerns over the direction Davis officials have taken with tax policy over the past seven years.

Presenters during the meeting include Rob Miller, vice chairman of the Utah State Democratic Party; Richard Marchant, a former state tax commissioner; J. Dell Holbrook, the last Democrat to be elected to the Davis County Board of Commissioners; and Ron Mortensen, co-founder of

At the end of the evening, the forum will be opened for discussion of possible next steps, which could include encouraging more people to run for office, seeking steps to make county and local governments more transparent and open to public input and teaching residents to become more involved in elections and voting at the county level.

For more information, contact Richard Watson, chairman of the Davis County Democrats, at 292-6772, or Brett Garner, secretary, at 573-4759.