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Video game review: Nintendo's 'Bleach: Shattered Blade' is a blast

Game title: "Bleach: Shattered Blade"

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Studio: Sega

Rating: T: for teens

Score: 7 out of 10


GAME PLAY: Based on the Japanese anime series, use your Wii's remote as a sword to battle your way through enemies and challengers. As you move through episodes, an arcade mode, or a versus mode, you can be one of 32 characters with special weapons and powers. The game is set up a lot like "Street Fighter," allowing you to use the Wii remote to stab, slash and swipe through a series of challengers. The Nunchuck activates special powers. "Bleach" is a great two-player game, or alone against the computer.

The game gets more addictive as you play the different characters, learning their different abilities. The swordplay really takes advantages of the Wii's unique capabilities, making it a blast to play.

GRAPHICS: You'd think that being based on a Japanese cartoon, the game would have better animation in the episode mode. It's just a series of still images with subtitles acting as the storyline! The fight sequences have much better graphics.

AUDIO: The audio is good, featuring the voices of the original actors from the "Bleach" series and a decent soundtrack.


PARENT'S TAKE: The game does have some mild language, suggestive themes and, of course, martial arts-style violence. It's just fine for anyone 13 and up.

FINAL WORD: "Bleach: Shattered Blade" takes advantage of what makes the Wii best, and it's great fun to play.