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Video game review: Xbox 360 'Crash of the Titans' is fun for everyone

Game Title: Crash of the Titans

Platform: Xbox 360

Studio: Sierra

Rating: E: for everyone

Score: 6/10


GAMEPLAY: Here's the deal—Crash Bandicoot is back in a new adventure — one in which he hijacks monsters and controls them.

As with other Crash releases, this is pretty silly and never attempts to be anything but a linear game. Crash is in for tons of action and even if you can't master a combo move it's still easily accessible.

It's fun to hijack a monster and ride them on a road of destruction. Each monster has different styles of fighting which makes you want to jump aboard each one. Thankfully, there is a nice range of monsters to choose from — and they keep on coming throughout the game.

GRAPHICS: The game looks OK. When projected on HD it's fairly crisp. The monsters are rendered well in 3-D. The environments aren't anything to mention. There are some issues with the cameras as they seem to focus on too narrow of a range.

AUDIO: If any aspect of Crash of the Titans is mediocre, it's the voice acting and music.


PARENT'S TAKE: It's always surprising how fast my kids can pick up the multibutton combos faster. There are many combos in the game, and it's not much work for my 10-year-old to grasp—however my 6-year-old is content with just mashing a few buttons. Either way they still had fun and were able to navigate fairly well through the game. Co-op mode was their favorite aspect of the game.

FINAL WORD: Crash of the Titans is a simple game for adults, which is good, because it's geared more towards kids. Crash offers many extras to try and delay the finish or bring you back for a second go — but once will certainly be enough.