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Ambulance crashes, injuring EMTs

HILDALE — An ambulance carrying four EMTs and a patient crashed outside this town on the Utah-Arizona border.

The Utah Highway Patrol said the ambulance responded to a car crash Thursday afternoon and picked up a patient with minor injuries to transport to Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George. As the ambulance was driving on state Route 59, its right front tire blew.

"It ends up going off the road to the right, off a steep slope into a culvert," UHP Sgt. Ted Tingey said Friday.

Three EMTs suffered injuries, including a broken scapula, a broken leg and cuts and bruises. Hurricane ambulance crews were called out to rescue the rescuers.

"The original patient didn't have any other injuries. He was strapped down in his gurney," Tingey said.

Two of the Hildale EMTs were kept overnight in the hospital for their injuries. The third was treated and released.