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Mexican Consulate in N.Y. is attacked

NEW YORK (AP) — Two improvised explosives were thrown into the back of the Mexican Consulate building early Friday, causing small explosions that blew out some windows. No injuries were reported.

Police believe someone on a bicycle threw the devices — made from replica grenades packed with explosive powder — at 3 a.m., New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

The commissioner said witnesses reported seeing someone on a bike at that time near the consulate in Midtown Manhattan. Edgar Trujillo, the press attache with the Mexican Consulate, said three windows were shattered.

Police and FBI agents were at the scene. The block was cordoned off by police tape, and by Friday afternoon, about 50 people who had business at the consulate stood on the street corner waiting to see if they would be allowed to enter.

The consulate on East 39th Street between Madison and Park avenues is sandwiched between an office building and another building under construction covered in green netting. Residential buildings, banks and food shops are nearby.

In 2005, an explosion caused by two makeshift grenades fitted with fuses blew out a window near the British Consulate, several blocks to the north. There were no injuries, and no one was ever arrested.