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Last-minute Goshen City Council hopefuls emerge

Council race non-existent until a trio of write-ins

GOSHEN — Though no one had filed to run for Goshen's two City Council seats by the July deadline, or during the following months, city officials weren't too nervous.

"I knew something would work out," said Councilman Steve Staheli.

Earlier this month, something did work out.

On Oct. 10, three people filed to run in the general election on Nov. 6. They are Kimberly Neal, Cary Woodland and Steve Hopes.

Though months had passed since the deadline and the primary election was missing an entire cast of candidates, Mayor Dorothy Sprangue said she wasn't nervous either.

She and Staheli made it a point to remind people about the election, and then add, "You'd be good. Why don't you come out and run?"

But if that didn't work, she said, the city could still wrangle people to fill the City Council seats.

"We'd just have to appoint somebody to fill the office until the next election," she said.

Why did it take so long for people to appear out of the woodwork?

"People's lives are so busy, and they just forget about it," Sprangue said. "Life is crazy."

Neal, Woodland and Hopes could not be reached for comment on their plans for the city if elected.

In any case, Sprangue's happy with the people running for City Council.

"They're all very willing people," she said. "Kimberly is young, and it would be nice to have somebody young around."