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2 juveniles arrested in an Orem stakeout

OREM — Orem police officers arrested two juveniles Wednesday night carrying 40 drug-filled balloons during a stakeout at a gas station.

Following tips from an informant, officer Ryan Porter and others waited for the juveniles at a Maverick on 1200 S. 800 East.

At 10 p.m. two Hispanic teens, matching the informant's description, pulled into the station; one immediately entered the business carrying a bag.

Officers moved in on the vehicle to question the remaining teen.

"When the suspect inside the business spotted the police standing outside the (car), he ran from the business and into the arms of the officer waiting for him," according to Orem police spokesman Doug Edwards. "The suspect was holding a bag that contained 27 balloons of cocaine and 13 balloons of heroin."

Officers arrested both teens and booked them into the Slate Canyon Detention Center.