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If you go to Reims, France



GETTING THERE: From Paris' Gare de l'Est station, there are eight round-trip high-speed trains to Reims daily and three to Colmar. Ticket prices vary by season and time; round-trip to Reims currently runs about $63, to Colmar about $183. Buy tickets in person at one of the SNCF railway company's Paris boutiques, not online. You need a European credit card in order to pick up tickets purchased on the Web site.

IN REIMS: Reserve visits to Champagne cellars at least 24 hours in advance. Most cellars offer at least three English tours daily. Tickets cost about $14 per person and generally include a glass of Champagne.

WHAT TO EAT: Try a "biscuit rose de Reims," a light, crunchy delicately rose-flavored cookie that puts the perfect finishing touch on a hearty Champagne-country lunch.

IN COLMAR: The farmer's market is held Thursday morning around the Koifhus and on Saturday mornings at the Place St. Joseph. Domaine Karcher wine cellar: 11, rue de l'Ours in Colmar; Open Monday-Saturday on demand during business hours and Sunday morning.