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Mitt's issues unconstitutional

Latter-day Saint scripture says the U.S. Constitution was inspired by God and that Mormons should support, befriend and establish constitutional laws.

But can any Mormon honestly say that Mitt Romney is running on a constitutional platform? Where are any of his agenda items found in the Constitution?

He wants to continue the nation-building war in Iraq and extend it into Iran.

He wants to "double Guantanamo," where constitutional rights have been stripped from prisoners.

He is "very proud" of signing legislation forcing every citizen of Massachusetts to obtain health insurance.

He wants to institute "a mandatory, biometrically enabled, tamper-proof documentation and employment verification system."

He wants to expand federal control over education, further eroding parental and states' rights in this area.

Romney has either publicly stated these goals or put them on his campaign Web site. None of them is constitutional.

Mike Parker