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FBI busts three in guns, drugs and fake ID sting

Men accused of selling guns, drugs and false IDs

When an undercover FBI agent asked for false passports and guns, he alleges a man named "Chino" hooked him up.

Through a series of undercover buys, the agent said he was able to purchase several handguns that "Chino" was able to get through connections to an Ogden street gang. The man even offered to provide the undercover FBI agent with a hand grenade.

The weapons are among the items undercover agents detail in criminal charges filed against three men in federal court. Rene Yescas, 25; Delfino Rabadan, 39; and 30-year-old Miguel Angel Jaime (a k a "Chino") have been arrested by the FBI in connection with a drugs, guns and identity theft operation.

The criminal complaint alleges an agent with the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force helped a confidential informant pay $100 for a sawed-off shotgun from Yescas and a man named Miguel, whom the FBI said is really Rabadan.

The next day, they purchased $1,300 in methamphetamine at a Midvale apartment. The day after that, undercover agents purchased a pair of sawed-off shotguns and made arrangements to buy more drugs.

"Your affiant provided Yescas with two passport-sized photographs, which Yescas had agreed to use to acquire two fraudulent passports and Mexican Consular ID cards," FBI Special Agent Greg Rogers wrote in an affidavit filed with the criminal charges.

Throughout the summer, FBI agents said they made numerous undercover drug, passport and gun purchases. It was through those purchases that they met Jaime, whom the FBI alleges provided agents with fraudulent passports and offered to get them guns.

"Chino added that he acquired the firearms from his 18th Street gang associates in Ogden," Rogers wrote.

The FBI agent said that Jaime also said he could procure a hand grenade.

"After paying Chino $300 for that grenade, it was determined that the device was actually a German military training round," Rogers wrote in an affidavit filed with the criminal charges. "After numerous telephone calls ... Chino offered to give your affiant a MAC-11 submachine gun to make up for the fact that the grenade was actually a training round and not a functioning explosive device."

On Monday, FBI agents arrested Jaime, Rabadan and Yescas at a South Salt Lake auto shop on numerous weapons and drug charges. The men are scheduled to appear before a federal judge today.