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Springville fire station in park? Some object

Residents ask council to change civic center plans

SPRINGVILLE — Residents implored the City Council on Tuesday night to reconsider building a fire station in a city park as part of Springville's new civic center facilities.

Last week, city officals released master plans to replace the current civic center facilities—the park at 100 West and Center Street is the location of the future fire station. During the public comment portion of the council meeting, 86-year-old Kent Palfreyman said a number of people have asked why the city is putting a fire station on the park. He said moving the station from its current location is an ill-advised move.

"Changing the site is refuting more than 100 years of wisdom, foresight and reasoning of our forefathers," he told the council.

Palfreyman said the present location for the fire station is "the best and most logical choice." Moving the building does not enhance the department's response time, he said.

City Council members said they appreciated Palfreyman's presentation on the issue.

"You've done your homework," Councilman Rodney Burt said.

Council members said they will stay the course with the civic center facilities as planned, despite Palfreyman's opposition.

"We feel like we've made the right decision," said Councilman J. Neil Strong. "We're looking at a larger picture of what we want to happen in our community."

Sherry Seamons and Carolyn Taylor also asked the council to reconsider their decision.

"This park is a very historical place for Springville," Taylor said.

Councilman Phil Bird said the park "will be larger and better than the way it is now."

"This is the thing that people keep forgetting," he said.

Councilman Ben Jolley said he appreciated the public feedback, but said the City Council has been researching the civic center project for years and has received feedback from numerous professionals.

"I'm still fairly positive about the approach we've been taking," he said.