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Stop illegal invasion

I read with great interest the article concerning illegal aliens on Oct. 3. Josie Valdez, a member of the Utah Hispanic Legislative Task Force, stated, "rather than take tremendously restrictive action," the state should put pressure on Congress to act. When do we, the American people, take tremendously restrictive action? We have 20 million illegal aliens here now. Should we wait for 30 million, 40 million, 50 million, 100 million before taking action?

Have we put pressure on the Congress? Yes, to no avail.

Valdez further states that we are not calling our members of Congress and insisting they do something about it. How many millions of telephone calls, e-mails and telegrams does she think it took to defeat the amnesty bill?

She states it is a national issue, and Congress is shirking its responsibility. That is what the Illegals are counting on. It is every American's responsibility to stop this illegal invasion. The American people would like to see a national vote on the illegal alien matter.

Chet Simpson