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Falcons seeking refund from Vick

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga.— The Atlanta Falcons will try to convince an arbitrator the team deserves a refund on up to $22 million in bonus money paid to quarterback Michael Vick.

The Falcons will be represented today by team president and general manager Rich McKay and three more team officials in the private hearing in Philadelphia.

"I don't expect it will go beyond a day," said University of Pennsylvania law professor Stephen B. Burbank, the special master who confirmed he will serve as arbitrator of the hearing at the law school.

Attorneys representing the NFL Players Association will argue against the Falcons' claim.

An expert in sports contracts said the Falcons face long odds in their effort to have bonus money returned to the team.

The Falcons are expected to contend that Vick knew he was in violation of the contract when he signed the $130 million deal in December of 2004, and that he used proceeds from the deal to fund his dogfighting operation.