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Shield law would taint truth

Though I've had more than 100 letters to the editor published, I've never been able to get one printed about the shield law. It seems there are just some subjects on which the Deseret Morning News will brook no opposition.

An effective, reliable, believable fourth estate is essential to our freedom. That's why I'm so concerned that 62 percent of people believe falsifying or making up stories is a widespread problem in the news media.

We have been plagued with the likes of Patricia Smith, Pham Xuan An, Mike Barnicle, Jayson Blair, Janet Cooke, Diana Erwin, Adnan Hajj, Mary Mapes, Kevin Cantera and Michael Vigh, to name just a few. Now the media want a shield law to further hide such hacks and their mendacity.

Woodward and Bernstein got the goods on Nixon without a shield law.

Clark Larsen