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SUU dancers to keep on dancing as director sits

CEDAR CITY — Southern Utah University's Ballroom Dance Company will continue as scheduled while its director deals with an ongoing police investigation and legal proceedings.

Mark Baker, the team's director, was suspended with pay on Sept. 28, when multiple class A misdemeanor charges involving allegedly stolen dance costumes were filed by Utah Valley State College police. Baker is expected to appear in Orem's 4th District Court on Oct. 29.

Shawna Cope and Anna Sergeant, both current dance teachers at SUU, have agreed to take charge of the ballroom dance organization until Baker either returns or a new director is appointed, pending the outcome of court hearings.

"No long-term decisions about Mark Baker's situation have been made at this time," said SUU spokeswoman Jennifer Burt. She said the current agreement provides a "temporary fix to the situation."