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NASCAR parks Hamlin during practice for bump-drafting

TALLADEGA, Ala. (AP)— NASCAR tried to curb bump-drafting during Friday's practice at Talladega Superspeedway, and parked Denny Hamlin during the first session when officials saw him pushing Tony Stewart on TV.

He was ordered to the garage late, but said he was done, anyway.

"They made a general warning right at the beginning to everyone to stop using the front bumpers, and after that I got hit probably 20 to 30 times," Hamlin said. "So I figured I'd just keep doing what I was doing. Right there at the end, I guess I was a little excessive."

Hamlin felt the Joe Gibbs Racing team was singled out, as he was drafting well with Stewart and J.J. Yeley when he was caught. But he said many other cars also were bumping.

"They said Gibbs cars in specific, they had an eye out on," Hamlin said. "I wonder what makes us different than anyone else, other than we were the first three cars in line."

NASCAR said they would hold Hamlin at the start of the second practice, but crew chief Mike Ford said he wouldn't send the car on the track.

"There is no way you can feel comfortable putting a car in that mess," Ford said. "It's a disaster out there."

The Car of Tomorrow will make its restrictor-plate debut Sunday, and many teams are concerned about the racing conditions with the car.