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World datelines

Brazil: 3-year-old boy found

RIO DE JANEIRO— A 3-year-old boy who was lost in the dense Amazon rain forest was found after 11 days, apparently unharmed but for dehydration and thorns in his feet and legs, police said Friday.

Neilson Oliveira Lima disappeared from his home in the rural community of Pupuai on Sept. 16, according to Amazonas state police officer Ailson Carvalho, and was found on Sept. 27 about two miles away, with thorns covering his feet and legs.

"He went in the forest following his father, and he got lost. He was found by his cousin, who was out hunting," Carvalho said in a telephone interview from Caraurai, the nearest town. "Nobody knows what he ate or how he survived."

Colombia: Reporter threatened

BOGOTA — A freelance reporter for The Miami Herald's Spanish language newspaper said Friday he is leaving Colombia because of several threats he's received after being criticized by Colombia's president. Gonzalo Guillen told The Associated Press he was preparing to depart Saturday after receiving 24 death threats in 48 hours. President Alvaro Uribe on Tuesday alleged that the 55-year-old journalist was the ghostwriter of a book by a former mistress of the late drug lord Pablo Escobar that claimed Uribe was a friend of the Medellin cocaine cartel.

Congo: Plane crash kills 50

KINSHASA — Congo fired its transport minister Friday as emergency workers extinguished the last flames from a plane crash in the capital and found still more bodies in the wreckage. The death toll climbed to at least 50, officials said.

Saleh Kinyongo, spokesman for Congo's humanitarian affairs ministry, said 28 bodies had been retrieved so far, all of them residents of the neighborhood where the plane crashed. Twenty-two passengers on the flight were presumed dead, he said.

England: Transplant organs

LONDON — Chinese medical officials agreed Friday not to transplant organs from prisoners or others in custody, except into members of their immediate families.

The agreement was reached at a meeting of the World Medical Association in Copenhagen. China has previously acknowledged that kidneys, livers, corneas and other organs are routinely removed from prisoners sentenced to death row. But officials insist that this only happens when consent is provided.

Peru: Fujimori trial next month

LIMA — Former President Alberto Fujimori's trial on murder and kidnapping charges will begin in late November, a Supreme Court judge said Friday.

Fujimori, 69, who is being held at a police base in eastern Lima, fled Peru for Japan seven years ago as his 1990-2000 authoritarian government collapsed in scandal. He was extradited from Chile last month to face seven charges of human rights violations and corruption.

Vietnam: 23 killed after typhoon

HANOI— Floods and landslides triggered by a typhoon that struck Vietnam's central coast earlier this week have claimed 23 lives and left nine others missing, disaster officials said Saturday.

Three more deaths reported in three northern provinces and confirmed reports of three people drowning in the central province of Quang Binh have raised the death toll to 23, disaster official Nguyen Ngoc Dien said.

Packing 80 mph winds, Typhoon Lekima made landfall late Wednesday in central Ha Tinh and Quang Binh provinces, also leaving nine people missing and injuring more than 100 others, according to disaster officials and the Department of Floods and Storms Control.