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Dismissal of charges sought in bomb case

Attorneys representing the Illinois man charged with detonating a pipe bomb inside the main Salt Lake City Library on Sept. 15, 2006, now want the case dismissed due to what they call an "extreme" violation of their client's Sixth Amendment rights.

Lawyers Deirdre Gorman and Edwin Wall are alleging that phone calls between certain attorneys and their client, Thomas James Zajac, were illegally obtained, recorded and reviewed by state and federal law enforcement officers and prosecutors.

Zajac has changed attorneys several times since his arrest in October 2006.

Zajac's attorneys filed Friday with U.S. District Court Judge Dale Kimball to dismiss the case on the grounds that those phone conversations should have remained private. His lawyers believe that the violations of Zajac's attorney-client privilege amounts to tainting the evidence in his case.

Zajac is currently being held in the Weber County Jail in Ogden while he awaits trial, which was supposed to be this month. While in jail, his attorneys allege that ATF (alcohol, tobacco and firearms) agents prepared written statements about Zajac after listening to recordings of his conversations with attorneys from jail.

Gorman and Wall also say the U.S. Attorney's Office knew that the written statements prepared by ATF agents relied on information from those calls.