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Deadline nears to mail voter registration

The mail-in voter registration deadline is Tuesday, just days away.

All registered voters in Salt Lake County will have the opportunity to vote on the statewide school voucher referendum, as well as municipal races.

"Registering to vote by mail is the most convenient way to register," Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen said.

Potential voters can personally deliver registration forms to the Salt Lake County Clerk on or before Oct. 22 at 2001 S. State, Room S1100.

Swensen also recently launched an online voter registration system. Go to, type in the required information, click submit and then a completed registration form will appear on the screen.

Print the form, sign it and mail it in before the Oct. 9 deadline and voila, you can vote. Or you can just drop it off before Oct. 22.

The clerk will hold the information the applicant submits on the online form in a secure database until the signed form is received by the clerk's office. Swensen said the online system will save staff time and resources, since staff doesn't have to manually input the information any longer.

The online voter registration form can also be used to change your name or address on your voter registration record.