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Fight cancer — cheers?

In reference to your editorial "Alcohol, breast cancer risk," I share an experience I had on a Delta flight to D.C. this past week. As the beverage cart was wheeled down the aisle, the flight attendant announced a fabulous opportunity for passengers to contribute to breast cancer research during October, Breast Cancer Awareness month.

This was the deal: For every person who purchased a pink lemonade and added an alcoholic beverage to it — one of those cute little bottles they sell — $2 would be donated to breast cancer research.

I was startled and remarked to the flight attendant, "You know, recent research indicates that the consumption of alcoholic beverages increases the risk of developing breast cancer." You can imagine my chagrin when she responded, "Yeah, I heard that," and continued serving beverages.

Deb Hobbins

nurse practitioner

Salt Lake City