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Top 20 high school volleyball

1. Lone Peak (19-2) Class: 5A

Was: 1. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: The Knights swept American Fork and Lehi and look about as perfect as a squad can.

2. Highland (14-1) Class: 4A

Was: 2. Last week: 7-1. Outlook: The Rams lost to Snow Canyon in tournament play but avenged it during championship match.

3. Cottonwood (20-4) Cls: 4A

Was: 3. Last week: 1-0. Outlook: The Colts continue to win as the second half of the season gets under way.

4. Box Elder (23-3) Class: 4A

Was: 5. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: The Bees continue to win without a lot of fanfare, but Sky View will be looking for a share of region title.

5. Dixie (14-5) Class: 4A

Was: 6. Last week 1-0. Outlook: The Flyers will have to fight to hang onto that region lead the second-half play.

6. Snow Cyn (10-6) Class: 4A

Was: 13. Last week: 7-1. Outlook: The Warriors have a frighteningly diverse and powerful offense.

7. Rich (15-5) Class: 1A

Was: 8. Last week: 6-1. Outlook: The Rebels finished third at Highland's tournament proving they're for real, regardless of classification.

8. Skyline (18-5) Class: 5A

Was: 9. Last week: 1-0. Outlook: The Eagles are undefeated in region and will play an exciting non-region match against Morgan next week.

9. Morgan (17-6) Class: 5A

Was: 7. Last week: 5-3. Outlook: Can't penalize the Trojans for losing to Highland, Snow Canyon or even Rich.

10. Fremont (13-7) Class: 5A

Was: 4. Last week: 1-1. Outlook: Stumbled against Northridge but bounced back against Davis. It must win both matches this week to stay on top.

11. Viewmont (19-6) Class: 5A

Was: 10. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: The Vikings are tied with Fremont for region lead in a very competitive, surprising race.

12. Brighton (9-4) Class: 5A

Was: 11. Last week: 1-0. Outlook: Bengals defeated Alta to stay in second in the Region 2 race.

13. Layton (7-4) Class: 4A

Was: 12. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: The Lancers are winning the matches they should but could find a way to be spoilers.

14. Am. Fork (13-5) Class: 5A

Was: 14. Last week: 1-1. Outlook: The Cavemen were swept by Lone Peak but bounced back for a win on Thursday.

15. Hurricane (18-5) Class: 3A

Was: 15. Last week: 0-1. Outlook: It doesn't feel good to lose, but it can't hurt the Tigers to be playing Snow Canyon and Dixie in region play.

16. Carbon (16-5) Class: 3A

Was: 16. Last week: 1-0. Outlook: The Dinos could face biggest region challenge in North Sanpete this week.

17. Sky View (19-3) Class: 4A

Was: 17. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: The Bobcats will be looking to sneak up on the Bees in region's second round of play.

18.Pl. Grove (6-9) Class: 5A

Was: 20. Last week: 1-0. Outlook: The Vikings should continue to improve as players get more comfortable in new roles.

19. San Juan (8-5) Class: 2A

Was: -. Last week: 1-0. Outlook: Won a five-game thriller over South Sevier in one of most competitive regions in any classification.

20.Riverton (5-3) Class: 5A

Was: -. Last week: 2-0. Outlook: The Silverwolves face a tough region showdown with Hunter on Tuesday. Are they up to the challenge?

Dropped out: Uintah (8-4); Murray (10-6).