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Health department has 2 new vaccines

SHARE Health department has 2 new vaccines

The Salt Lake Valley Health Department has two new vaccines available to the public: Gardasil, to prevent the cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV) in young women ages 9 to 26, and Zostavax, which protects adults 60 years and older against herpes zoster (shingles), a frequently painful disease marked by a blistering rash. These two vaccines are currently available for private purchase at the SLVHD Travel Clinic located at 2001 S. State Street, Suite S-2400.

Previously, SLVHD was only able to offer the Gardasil vaccine through the national Vaccines For Children program for uninsured children. This supply of vaccine at the Travel Clinic is available for private purchase at $145 per dose (vaccine requires three doses) and a one-time office fee of $20. Some insurance companies reimburse clients for the out-of-pocket cost of receiving the Gardasil vaccine.

The Zostavax vaccine is also available for private purchase through the SLVHD Travel Clinic. This vaccine costs $176 and there is also an office fee of $20. Health officials recommend that residents check with health insurance providers for vaccine coverage information.

An appointment is required to receive either vaccine and can be made through the clinic at 801-468-2813.