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Governor calls for flags to be lowered to half staff; expresses condolences

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. and his wife, Mary Kaye Huntsman, issued a statement Tuesday expressing their "most sincere condolences to the grieving families affected by the devastatingly tragic events at Trolley Square Monday night. They also wish peace and consolation to all of the others who were involved," the statement said.

"Today is a day of grieving, and tomorrow we, as a community, will begin the healing process," Gov. Huntsman said. "This experience will make us stronger, binding us together. It is a time to be kinder to our neighbors, hug our children a little tighter and hold strong to the Utah tradition of reaching out to one another."

Huntsman has called on Utahns to lower state and U.S. flags immediately, until sunset Monday to honor the Trolley Square victims.

The governor is encouraging anyone who was present during the shooting to contact the Office of Crime Victim Reparations, a state agency that provides assistance to victims of violent crime. CVR is able to assist with several types of expenses including funeral expenses, medical expenses and mental health counseling expenses not covered by insurance or other collateral sources. For more information contact CVR at 801-238-2360 or visit at 350 E. 500 South, Suite 200 in Salt Lake City or go online to CVR hours were extended Tuesday to 7 p.m.