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Davis boosting security systems

County selects firm to keep a closer watch over facilities

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FARMINGTON — Commissioner Bret Millburn was surprised when he started work as a Davis County commissioner and there was no security system in place. And for the past two years, the county has budgeted to get one.

Commissioners approved a letter of intent last week to do business with AlphaCorp Inc., a Utah-based security firm, to the tune of just over $490,000.

That amount could change, because a contract needs to be drawn up.

The county owns at least 35 buildings, including the Davis County Memorial Courthouse, seven libraries, golf courses, public works, animal services, a health department and an events center.

"This is definitely a very needed move and in the right direction," Millburn said.

The new system will implement a combination of smart access cards, video surveillance and some recording devices, said Steve Baker, the county's personnel director and risk manager.

Marshall Scott, the county's director of facilities management, said there haven't been many break-in attempts on county offices, but video cameras will allow the county to keep watch over parking lots in case of slip-and-fall injury claims or other claims against the county.

"We always want to make sure we're protecting taxpayers' money," Scott said.

AlphaCorp was among three firms that responded to the county's recent request for proposal. And its $490,650 estimate was between the other two firms. Utah Controls estimated $939,495, and Advent estimated $423,726.

Scott told commissioners that AlphaCorp would be the best bet, because the company's software and hardware are more compatible with the county's current systems.

Utah Controls' estimate was too high, but because the county had budgeted $630,000 for the security system, the AlphaCorp proposal is a logical choice, he said.

"We wanted to make sure we got the county a good product that we could live with in the future," Scott said.

The new security system is expected to be implemented by the end of this year.

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