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Shame on HEAL detractor

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Rep. Karen Morgan defending her vote in favor of SB155 is a fine example of the power of corporate money and PR to buy legislative good will, or, as I would say, legislative ignorance (Readers' Forum, Feb. 22).

Rep. Morgan, parroting the EnergySolutions party line word for word, claims SB155 does nothing other than clarify existing law. This is patently absurd. Existing law does not prohibit the Legislature or the governor — as instruments of public policy — from overseeing the application of EnergySolutions' existing license.

In fact, existing law requires substantial changes in the size of EnergySolutions' dump to be approved by publicly elected officials. The only thing SB155 does is to put in stone what is now, to the Legislature's shame, the status quo.

As a fellow Democrat, I say shame on you, Rep. Morgan, for attacking HEAL, one of the few local groups that has stood up to EnergySolutions and said "no more!"

Ed Firmage Jr.

Salt Lake City