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Utah insurance pool is waiving premiums

SHARE Utah insurance pool is waiving premiums

Beginning in March, the Utah Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool (HIPUtah) will waive premiums for enrollees who have moderate or low household incomes. A federal grant has made HIPUtah's Low Income Premium Waiver Program possible. HIPUtah is a state-subsidized health-insurance plan for individuals who cannot qualify for an individual plan because of a serious medical condition.

"HIPUtah enrollees who have an income below certain levels will qualify to have their premiums waived for up to four months within the next year," said Tomi Ossana, HIPUtah executive director.

HIPUtah provides insurance to individuals with serious health conditions who are medically uninsurable and unable to obtain coverage. Since it was established in 1991, HIPUtah has helped individuals with cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses. The program recently added a low-premium, high-deductible health plan, which can be used with a Health Savings Account.

Some 3,400 Utah residents participate in the HIPUtah program, which is administered through SelectHealthSM. HIPUtah has a provider network comprised of the Select CareSM network and University of Utah Health Care providers, facilities and pharmacies. Coverage with HIPUtah is not guaranteed.

For information or to receive an application for the premium waiver program, call 801-442-6660 (Salt Lake area) or 800-705-9173.