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Animals need protection

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As the proud mother of five children — three of whom work in the public school system — 18 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren, I was absolutely delighted when our Legislature recently passed legislation that benefits teachers, children and the family. I thank them with a resounding yes! The family is first, and so is education.

However, in my opinion, puppies, kittens, dogs and cats are almost human. To our family, they are "babies with fur on." Also in my opinion, our dear lord in heaven sent them here to make us happy. They should be loved and protected from harm. Failure to pass SB190 was wrong. Animal abuse is a crime. Whatever it takes, a special session or whatever, Henry's Law should be passed.

Surely if the state of Utah can afford $33 million for a soccer stadium, we can afford to pass SB190, Henry's Law, and protect animals from torture and abuse.

Dorothy Johnson